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International Italian Artist Oscar Momi At B&B Italia Showroom In Dubai

International Italian artist Oscar Momi at B&B Italia Showroom in Dubai

Arteberry, the recently launched organization that blends art and music will showcase the artworks of International Italian artist, Oscar Momi at the B&B Italia showroom located in Jumeirah 3 on Jumeirah Beach road in Dubai from 6 March to 30 April 2014. The partnership between Arteberry and B&B Italia will result in exhibitions of artworks by some of the best international artist within the ambience of the aesthetically designed Italian home interior showroom.

Oscar’s current artworks on display at B&B Italia are based on squares and circles laying vertically and horizontally unlike normally in geometry. His works make up several geometrical shapes within the squares, simplifying the form without concern towards perfection. There is a distinct usuage of colour to explore the dimensional space in between to elaborate the artistic speech of its own and reveals the geometry that structure their compositions. The geometrical designs somehow allow him to work on colors and their various combinations and its greatest purpose is not illustrating his feelings but achieving an amazing amalgam of colors, perhaps an intangible one that provides real chromatic rhythm, for the eyes of the beholder.

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