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Casino Tipping Etiquettes

Casino Tipping Etiquettes

Tipping in casinos is often a topic of a mystery. Most people are unaware of the tipping etiquettes around the world. Some hardly tip the waiters and dealers while the others end up tipping too much. In this article, we will discuss the tipping etiquettes in casino malaysia, from blackjack dealers to parking valets. Stick till the end to find out!

Tipping dealers

If you’re a seasoned table games player like the blackjack, craps or roulette, then you ought to understand the ‘science’ behind tipping the dealers, croupiers and stickmen respectively. Dealers are paid for their job, but the amount depends on what game they’re dealing with and the casino itself. However, dealers still rely on the tips given by the players as a part of their income. Some common times when the players need to tip the dealers are:

  • When they’re on a winning streak
  • Have an individual big win
  • Some tip the last few dollars, even if they’re losing as a gesture of good karma

The amount to tip the dealer depends on the stakes and how much money you make. For example, if you’re wagering for $25 and win $500, then $10 would be a reasonable amount. However, the amount also depends on the quality of the dealer and the amount you win. Ultimately, if you find the dealer rooting in favour of you and does his/her task efficiently, then you can tip them, however, if they showcase rude and bad behaviour, then there is no reason to tip such dealers.

Tipping dealers

Tipping Casino Servers

Tipping a server is reminiscent of tipping a bartender. The universal amount for tipping a waiter or server is $1 per drink. But, if the server is going out of the way to keep in line with your complicated order and deliver it to you in time, then they deserve a higher tip than $1.

However, the ambience and the ratings of the place also play an essential role. If you’re visiting a high-end casino, then the tips start at $5-$10, but in regular casinos, you can tip them based on the service they provide.

Tipping Slot Machine Attendants

Just like the dealers at the table, the slot machines and video pokers also have attendants that help you in case of difficulties. One simple rule to follow is that if they’re friendly and professional, then they deserve a tip, otherwise don’t be compelled to tip them just because you’re winning significant amounts.

Slot Machine Attendants


Tipping at a casino is a very tricky game. You can make the dealers and attendants very happy or everything can go wrong. Hence you have to be careful. Having said that, it is not that big of a deal if you wish not to tip anybody, uncles you’re okay being mocked at. The best rule to follow is: if the dealer, server or the attendants are nice and professional, tip them accordingly. Otherwise, there is absolutely no reason to tip. Also, if you win big, it does not mean you have to increase your tip amount.ase your tip amount.

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